Verkhovyna — is

  • Impressive mountain landscapes, because Verkhovyna district located in the highest part of the Ukrainian Carpathians.
  • Clean mountain air, because next has no industrial production, and the nearest major cities are located more than 120 km.
  • Original culture, customs and traditions of the Carpathians, try to make yourself!

Tourism and Recreation in Verkhovyna

Verkhovyna - mountain village in the Carpathians, Verkhovyna district located within mountain ranges Chyvchyny, Hryniava and Montenegro - the highest mountain massif of Ukrainian Carpathians. Verkhovyna district - the most high-altitude region of Ukraine. Nature Verhoviny led to the development of pedestrian and recreational tourism, green tourism and agriculture.

From the Verhoviny start many hiking trails in the surrounding mountains. Among those hiking trails are suitable for beginners and those who opt for experienced travelers. A biking trails stretch for tens of kilometers.

In summer and in winter you will certainly find the best holiday for themselves and their families.

Verkhovyna - the administrative center Verkhovyna district of Ivano-Frankivsk region

Verkhovyna - the village in Ivano-Frankivsk region, of which the first known written mention of 1424. In 1962, was called - Zhab'ye. The population in the village Verkhovyna according to official figures - 5,412 people. The area of the village - 51.80 km2. Population density - 104 persons per 1 km2. In Verkhovyna area of about 30 000 people, total area 1260 km2. Population density Verkhovynsky area - 23 people / km2


смт. Верховина, Верховинський район, Івано-Франківська область, Україна